Archstone was a leading apartment operations company with 150+ properties nationwide. At the time of this expansion of their properties they were introducing a new kiosk technology that made it easier for new tenants to lease their new apartment. This technology was a built in house by their engineers.

My role was assisting with the User Interface design and illustrating the various creative assets to be included in the technology to allow for the user to select the floor of the building, see the available units, view floor plans and more. I was responsible for creating detailed and organized illustrator files with the various vector based illustration to be able to be implemented into the back end of the technology. I created illustration of the building floors, site plan and individual floors plans were created from scratch for 50+ properties.  I worked diligently with the development team to make sure the plans were organized and designed correctly.


  • Illustration
  • Asset Management
  • Front-end Development

*Archstone was  bought out by another large property management company in 2013 and this technology was rebranded but still been used in the leasing office across the country.

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