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BroadnetLogo & Brade Guide

In my Art Director Role at Broadnet I have evolved the Broadnet and Access live brand throughout the external website and series of marketing and sales materials. In March of 2019, Broadnet released a full rebrand including new logo for the company and a series of product logos to bring cohesiveness to the marketing as a whole. These materials are used for business development and prospecting to initiate the sales cycle.

I was responsible for developing all aspects of the brand from logo creation. Among the logo and branding changes it was apparent that Broadnet needed a brand guide to outline the details of the design elements and truly create a brand. I wrote and designed the brand and brand guide from start to finish while taking feedback from internal stakeholders.

Brand Development

Worked strategically to build an in depth brand book to align all departments across visual and messaging.


Worked with Creative Director to identify messaging tone among various audiences.

Digital Design

Made critical design decisions to define brand across all business verticals.