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These projects all had various goals in mind but it was an opportunity to start introducing Broadnet in a video format. Broadnet has a wide variety of clients in various markets and it proves to be difficult to market to all of them with the same messaging. When prospective clients are in the sales cycle, it takes them time to understand the concept of our product and visualize how they can use it.

As the project manager and creative back bone of these projects, I was responsible for generating a storyboard and creative flow, organizing the various pieces of the project from script writing, coordinating and creatively directing the filming, providing art direction during shooting and execution, and designing assets to be animated in the video. I worked closely with a content creator on the scripting for all videos and the video editor to execution the final deliverable.

Key Project Elements

  • Creative Direction (storyboarding, scripting, filming, design)
  • Creative Strategy
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Video Content Creation


The goal of this video was to create a secondary step in the sales process after the prospect experiences a demo presentation. The goal behind this is to walk them through an Access Live event and give them a feel of what they should expect when hosting an event themselves.

This project was very intensive from storyboarding, scripting for the on-screen actor and the voice over, gathering screen grab footage of a live event on the platform, live filming and editing.  I was the creative director and project manager for this video and worked with various departments to coordinate all aspects of the video from initial concept to final deliverable. I was the creative director onsite for filming and directed the gathering of all the other footage included. I also provided all of the design elements that appear in the video.

This has been a useful tool for our sales and account management teams to utilizing in the sales cycle process.



The goal of this video was to provide an example for how universities and sports teams can utilize the product Access Live. It provided an example of how to use the product and discussed the ease of use and the credibility of the Broadnet and Access Live Brand.

I was on-site for filming of this video and worked directly with the video editor to provide specific Art Direction and graphics for the end result to be successful. This video has been used for various advertising and email campaigns and has brought in a variety of quality leads.


The goal of this video was to provide an example for how municipal organizations and city level officials can use Access Live to reach their residents. We wanted to show how they used it and have the client describe the experience they had working with Broadnet to achieve their goals.

I was on-site for filming of this video as well. We were able to utilize higher quality equipment for a higher quality result.

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