The majority of Broadnet’s business is driven by case study examples. The sales team was in need of more tools to be able to share with prospective clients to show various uses of the technology. I lead the marketing team in creating an extensive library of sharable success stories.

I created a template for the various PDF case studies and translated that information to a landing page of success stories on the Broadnet public website. I worked closely with the marketing team to update all recent case studies to reflect consistent branding and messaging and providing quality examples in all vertical markets that Broadnet sells to. I developed a landing page template to include primary information about each use case and created a trackable from for the viewer to be able to download the extensive case study.

I also lead creative direction, provided design and production support for a series of testimonial videos utilizing local clients. I was responsible for leading creative direction on site during filming and post-production. These tools helped the sales team significantly in closing several deals with clients in the various vertical markets. This library of tools is used by the Broadnet sales team up to 20 times a week to send to prospect to gain new business.

It is the most effective tools for Broadnet to show prospects how versatile Access Live can be.


  • Creative Direction and Design
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Video Storyboarding and creative direction
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