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Recalibrate SolutionsPitch Deck Design

Recalibrate Solutions is a start up in the healthcare space. They are in a Series A funding round and trying to solidify investment. When Recalibrate Solutions came to us, their story was not very convincing. it was confusing and hard to understand. The visuals of the pitch deck were very elementary and we had determined it was not resonating well with potential investors.

My role as the project lead and designer was to take the current presentation, simplify from a messaging and visual standpoint and reevaluate the flow as a whole. I rewrote the content and strategically paired the imagery to portray the company’s story in a more engaging manner. We consolidated the 35 slide deck to a clean, easy to understand  and beautifully designed presentation to  17 slides. The CEO oof the company has said that this new story is resonating much better with potential investors and looking to speed up their next round of funding as their story is making more sense.

Strategic Messaging

Worked strategically to create a compelling story that educated and persuaded investors.

Creative Direction

I applied my art direction and design sense to create visual aspects that followed the story.

Presentation Design

While applying the agreed upon art direction I designed a clean and simple presentation that represented the brand and the story in the best way.