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BroadnetSales Materials

Broadnet’s sales team was in need of a wide variety of marketing and sales materials to support their continuous and growing business development efforts. As the creative lead in the company I lead many efforts from idea to final execution in creating a library of resources. This was a strategic effort across the senior leadership, marketing, business development and account management team. As Broadnet serves a several different verticals we created strategies around targeting materials towards the right audience.

Over time we were able to create a library of resources that included sales presentations, case study documents and online landing pages, print materials for in person sales efforts, video testimonial, video demos sand continued support of custom proposals for select sales efforts.

My role in the creation of all of these deliverables was primarily supporting creative direction and execution of initial designs. I also collaborated with a copy writer and managed a junior designer in the development of all materials. 

Creative Direction

Provided creative direction on how the resources were to be executed and distributed. Provided design and art direction, while I lead a junior designer and video producer in execution of all items.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Strategically lead the marketing and sales team to find the best solutions and create a library of materials for them to use.

Design and Video

Lead the efforts in creating the concepts and designs for all deliverables and leading storyboarding and video production for testimonial and demo videos.

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