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Hi, I’m Kelsey,a creative visionary

what I'm good at

creative problem solving is my jam

creative problem solving is my jam

Art Direction

Art direction is about how you get there through understanding the ultimate goals of a project and directing the path to a beautiful and successful end result.

Digital & Print Design

I have extensive experience in designing and producing deliverables for both digital and print mediums. I focus on clean design that has meaning behind every design choice.

Modern Calligraphy

Bringing back this beautiful form of art and applying it to make words come to life is a new passion of mine. The art of letter forms and word layouts plays beautifully with my design mind.

Let's hear from

People I've worked with

Combining Kelsey's creative energy and her incredible talent makes her stand out in her field. Whether she's designing a one-pager, creating marketing materials based on a client's specific look and feel, or taking on a bigger project like redesigning her company's logo and website from scratch, Kelsey uses her incredible skills, knowledge, and time management to get the job done...and does it extremely well. Kelsey is an asset to any marketing team and is a pleasure to work with.
Jackie Dibiase
Director of Marketing
It is rare to find an employee that cares as deeply about their contributions to an organization's mission as Kelsey. She excels at balancing being a top-notch designer and creative leader with maintaining a strategic marketing focus. Kelsey remembers the bigger picture and understands how creatives can best contribute to business KPIs in meaningful ways. I had the pleasure of working with Kelsey as a peer and then managing her as part of Vitalant's Mountain Division marketing team (formerly Bonfils Blood Center) and recommend her highly to anyone seeking a talented, strategic, business-minded creative.
Taylor Robertson
Targeted Marketing Director
Kelsey is extremely creative but at the same time incredibly disciplined. She was critical in collaborating on, developing and creating deliverables for our clients. She's a great strategic thinker and sees the big picture.
Emily Koeppel
Director of Client Relations
Kelsey is an energetic spirit that is determined to succeed and happily recommend her. Her creative eye and passion for the discipline would be a great addition to any design team.
Kim Zeires
Managing Partner
Apres Creative Group
Kelsey's creative vision along with her organization allows her to manage the variety of projects assigned to her. As the only graphic designer within the organization, she deals with a tremendous amount of projects and stress due to these requests, but she handles everything with grace and in executes within the appropriate timeline. Kelsey is also extremely collaborative and open to feedback and suggestions and is very easy to work with on projects.
Lindsay Reinert
Community Outreach and Partnership Manager
Luthran Medical Center
Kelsey is a bright, energetic, and talented young woman who will be fully committed to any organization’s success.
Lisa Malmquist

Hire me!

Work with me in any capacity and you will see my desire to live life creatively. You might just get inspired too!