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BroadnetWebsite Design & Development

Broadnet was in need of a new website that refreshed the look and feel as well as messaging on it’s external facing website. Responsible for the project concept, management and execution from wire frames to content to full front end development in Word Press.

My role in this project was making it happen from beginning to end! I built this website from scratch in WordPress after doing much research on appropriate plugins and themes. I worked closely with my copy writer in developing the content for the site while I drove the design and layout of every page. My continued role as the website manager is to evolve the design of the website to reflect brand and messaging changes as well as new products, features and testimonials. As many designers know websites are always a work in progress and this site is of course that.


Worked collaboratively with a content creator to develop a strategy around site structure and content organization. We worked together to create all content that was needed to fill out the site.

Art Direction & Design

Based on my creative direction, I worked from original wireframes to final design while taking feedback from all internal stakeholders.

WordPress Development

I took my designs and fully developed the fully responsive site from start to finish in WordPress. I worked with the internal QA team to test and launch external site.