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FEMABusiness Proposal

Broadnet had an opportunity to present a communications proposal to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support their needs for emergency communication and proactive resources. The marketing team managed development of content and creative. The proposal was signed and funding was approved that was intended to generate over $2 million of revenue for Broadnet in 2019.

My role was to take the content and present it in a way that would paint the picture of the concept and the needs for Broadnet technology to solve their problems of communicating efficiently with communities. Included in the proposal was illustration and examples of advertising and landing page design.

Content Strategy

I worked collaboratively with Broadnet CEO and content writer to develop a strategy for the proposal. After brainstorming sessions discussing the needs for the organization, we built this integrated strategy and translated that into a multi-page digitally produced proposal to deliver to the marketing director for FEMA.

Digital Design

To showcase the integrated strategy that was developed I lead and executed the creative design for the proposal. This included mocking up website design, digital advertising and social media marketing solutions to promote a FEMA emergency communications 2+ year engagement with Broadnet.